6 tips to summit Kilimanjaro

Tips to summit Kilimanjaro

Climbing to the top of Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, is quite a challenge due to the altitude and rate of ascent. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an experienced mountain climber to reach the top of the Kilimanjaro. But you need to be healthy and fit and have a strong will power. But mostly, success depends on you to make some important choices. Below 6 tips to summit Kilimanjaro.


  1. Choose a route that fits you best

    There is a variety of established routes to climb Kilimanjaro. Some are more challenging than others. Some routes are more crowded, offer a more comfortable accommodation or are better for acclimatization to altitude. Contact us for a personal advice.

  2. Take your time

    How many days do you allow yourself in order to succeed? The shortest routes are 5-6 days. The longest standard ones are 7-9 days. The more days the higher the probability of success as your body has more time to adapt and acclimatize. The key to preventing altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro is taking your time.

  3. Buy good gear

    You need good gear to climb Kilimanjaro. Feeling cold, wet and miserable does not increase your summit chances. You go through 5 temperature climates in just a few days. So the right clothing (lots of layers), boots and a good sleeping bag are essential. Wear fabric that is breathable, synthetic, and moisture-wicking. A mistake that lots of climbers make is that they over pack and bring way too much gear. Be selective in what you take with you. Contact us for a complete Kilimanjaro Equipment List.

  4. Choose qualified guides

    Nothing beats having experienced qualified guides who go the extra mile to make sure that every aspect of your trek is taken care. Choose a professional reputable company that know how to lead you to the top, safely and professionally. Do not make your decision based on price alone. Safety is the number one priority. Look for is high quality service at a reasonable price.

  5. Practice hikes

    Being in good shape while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will allow you to enjoy the experience and amazing scenery instead of struggling with the physical challenges. The best exercise you can do is to hike in your home country. Try to hike as much as you can, especially a one or two day hike is excellent training.

  6. Choose best trekking months

    Kilimanjaro can be climbed any time of the year, but the best conditions to climb Africa's highest peak, are during the warm and dry months December, January and February. June, July, August and September are also good months to climb Kilimanjaro if you don't mind a bit colder temperatures. During the rainy season (April-May, November) it is more slippery and there can be too much snow to reach the summit.

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