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Comfort in African style

Safari lodges in Tanzania are most of the time comfortable accommodations of stone or wood, designed in African style. Some lodges have rooms in their head building, while others offer cottages or chalets. These permanent accommodations have private baths, restaurants and lounges and most of the time swimming pools.

Relax in comfort

If you like modern conveniences and you don’t want to stay out in the wild, this may be the perfect accommodation for you. Although it is perfectly safe sleeping in any form of tent in wild Africa, some people feel more comfortable sleeping behind a solid wall in a lodge. At the end, it's the most important you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can also choose to ‘mix and match’ the styles of accommodation during your safari.


We have selected different classes of lodges in and around the parks in Tanzania. They all have a cosy friendly atmosphere and are situated at stunning locations. From comfortable to ultra-luxury. Using lodges doesn't mean your safari will cost more than using tented camps, since tented camps tend to be smaller and more exclusive.

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